Experience the thrill of our zipline system in total safety

Two continuous cables with a midway station for freestyle flight in total comfort and security. Dive into the Dolomites.

Thanks to our cutting-edge security systems, this unique experience is easily accessible, even for those who aren’t accustomed to heights.

We are open all summer, from June to September.

Technical details:

  • 2 cables
  • 3 platforms
  • Highest point 160 mt above ground
  • Max speed 80 Km/H
  • Starting point at 1340 mt
  • Arrival point at 1080 mt
  • Maximum altitude drop 250 mt
  • Total length 1600 mt
  • Duration of the experience: 50 minutes


Length: 650 mt, average slope: 17 %

Length: 950 mt, average slope: 15,5%


Flight styles

  • Individual flight with classic harness, called ‘freestyle’. Weight limit 120 kg
  • Partner flight with classic harness. Combined weight limit 120 kg
  • Seated flight intended solely for persons with disabilities

Flight suited for everyone 10 years old
and up.

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Prossima riapertura
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